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About John Anderson

John Anderson
John Anderson is the creative and technical mind behind Terramar Productions. A 20 year veteran of the documentary production business, Anderson has spent time filming both above and under the ocean, around the world in multiple formats, shooting film, video and still photographs from helicopters, small planes, boats, ships and land vehicles. Anderson also has numerous Hollywood feature films to his crew credit.

As director of Terramar Productions, he now produces a variety of video projects, from full-length documentaries to promotional spots and tradeshow projects as well as short podcasts, training videos and web media for academia, industry, government and military clients.

While Anderson’s history of scientific collaboration spans more than a decade, Anderson has spent nearly four decades on the water. With a healthy knowledge and respect for ocean issues, he spends a significant amount of time each year creating and supplying media to educational and scientific organizations that foster marine and environmental stewards. Affiliations include the Dolphin Communication Project and the scientific periodical Aquatic Mammals Journal. Anderson is currently creating a companion DVD to the recently released book, titled “Dolphin Mysteries – Unlocking the Secrets of Communication”.

Currently, Anderson resides in New England near the sea with his wife Kathleen and their beagle child “Umi” - the mighty sea beagle.
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